American Caniner
2nd Annual All-Dog Olympic Games

October 1st, Sunday

2022 Winners - Tori with Fury

The American Canine All-Dog Olympic Games is an exhilarating sporting event that unites handler-dog teams to compete in an obstacle course centered around obedience. Teams demonstrate their prowess in navigating challenging obstacles with both speed and precision, all vying for the honor of becoming an Olympic Champion.

This competition serves as a thrilling test of the bond and synergy shared between handlers and their canine companions. The course is meticulously designed to challenge the agility, obedience, and problem-solving capabilities of the dogs, while the handlers exhibit their effective communication and training techniques to guide their four-legged partners through the course.

Each team’s performance is meticulously evaluated based on their capacity to complete the course with impeccable precision, adhering to specific rules and regulations. Timing and accuracy play pivotal roles in determining the ultimate victors of this event. The team that attains the highest score and the fastest time is bestowed with the title of Olympic Champion, an acknowledgment of their remarkable skills and unwavering dedication to their craft.

The American Canine All-Dog Olympic Games represent not just a captivating competition for dog trainers and their loyal companions but also a tribute to the exceptional bond and teamwork that exists between humans and dogs. It stands as a unique and electrifying event, offering a platform to showcase the remarkable abilities of these incredible animals and the commitment of their handlers.

This is an on-leash event for dogs of all sizes and breeds aged four months and older. Handlers can compete with multiple dogs, and participation is free. Awards will be given to the Olympic Champion, Olympic Runner-Up, and all qualifying scores.

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