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Puppy Training Services

In-Home Consultation & Behavioral Evaluation​

The best way to start is by meeting in-person with one of our specialists. Whether you are inquiring about training or need immediate help with your dog's behavior, an in-home visit provides you with detailed insight into our services. You will receive professional advice and practical recommendations for making immediate positive changes.

Basic Obedience Training

Our Basic Obedience program addresses minor behavioral issues while focusing on the fundamentals of dog training. In this five-week course, we cover boundaries, attention, and good manners, as well as basic obedience commands such as "Heel", "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Spot" and "Come". It's a comprehensive program that provides your dog with the skills they need to thrive in their daily interactions.

Advanced Obedience Training

Our program addresses common behavioral issues in all dogs. Training starts at home, focusing on leash handling, voice commands, and body language. Off-leash training and distractions are covered, followed by a private group class to solidify skills. It's a comprehensive approach for a strong bond and effective communication with your dog.

Board & Train Obedience​& Behavioral Modification

Available in Level 1 and Level 2, our accelerated training course modifies complex behaviors, teaches basic & advanced commands. With direct professional care, expect maximum results in minimal time. Board & Train Obedience includes private sessions for successful transition back home.

Puppy Training

We begin training puppies as early as 10 weeks of age, teaching them basic boundaries, the meaning of "No", and the fundamentals of obedience skills. Your puppy will learn commands such as "Heel", "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Place", and "Come". You will learn important training and handling techniques, as well as how to effectively communicate with your little companion. 

Private Group Classes

Our group classes are for dogs who completed training with us. We focus on improving obedience, practicing greetings in a controlled environment. Group class promotes socialization, positive interactions in a supportive setting, reinforcing training and building new friendships for dogs and owners.

Specialty Training

Once your dog masters obedience skills, you can advance your training in various ways. Take a Canine Good Citizen test with our AKC Evaluator for measurable results. We can help you choose the right puppy or train your dog to be a Service Animal. Prepare for Therapy Dog tests, receive coaching for AKC/UKC sports. Our dogs are versatile, and we'll assist you in achieving your goals.

Virtual Training & Consultations

Our virtual meeting with a Canine Specialist allows you to discuss questions, receive valuable advice, and learn effective training techniques for minor behavioral issues in your dog. This program offers convenient access for long-distance clients or those on a tight budget. Get expert guidance to address your dog's behaviors from the comfort of your own home.

To Start Training With Us:

  1. Fill out our Request For Evaluation form to submit your information.
  2. If eligible, you’ll receive a phone call to schedule an in-home behavioral evaluation.
  3. Meet with our specialist to learn about our methods and solutions.
  4. Enroll in a recommended training program and complete all sessions.