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Making a Difference, One Dog at a Time

Welcome to American Caniner, LLC, your trusted local dog training resource in Akron. Unlike impersonal corporate franchises, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach, tailoring our methods to meet the unique needs of each client and their dog’s specific breed characteristics. When you choose American Caniner, it’s like welcoming a dedicated family and dog training coach into your home.
Since 2012, we have proudly served over 600 families and their beloved canines in the Greater Akron area. Our commitment lies in quality over quantity, which is why we continually engage in studies and educational pursuits to refine our understanding of dog behavior and training techniques. As Caniners, our team consists of canine specialists with vast knowledge and hands-on experience in dog handling and care, specializing in behavior modification and training strategies.

Anya Falcon, CPDT-KA

Canine specialist, AKC CGC Evaluator

From a young age, Anya’s unwavering passion has been dogs. Growing up in the former Soviet Union, she started learning how to raise and train dogs when she was just eight years old.

When Anya immigrated to the United States at the age of twenty-four, she pursued her love for dogs by working as a veterinary technician for several years. During that time, she also trained her personal dogs and successfully competed in various canine sports events, including AKC Agility, Obedience, and Conformation.

Anya realized that her true purpose in life was to inspire people to understand and care for their dogs in the best possible way, and she decided to turn her passion into a career. In 2012, she joined a nationwide dog training company, where she honed her skills in working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments. After eight years of dedicated service, Anya left the corporate world and followed her dream by opening her own dog training company, American Caniner, LLC.

At American Caniner, LLC, Anya and her team focus on helping people gain a deeper understanding of their canine companions and transforming unruly and troublesome dogs into obedient and well-behaved family companions. Anya is committed to making a positive impact on the world by training dogs and coaching their owners, one dog at a time.

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Jacob Mayer, CPDT-KA

Canine Specialist

Raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Jacob grew up surrounded by domestic and working animals, including sheep, horses, and dogs. Although his love for dogs was always evident, he didn’t initially consider working with them as a career when nearing high school graduation.

After graduating from college and working in the railroad industry in Toledo for years, Jacob found himself unfulfilled in his career. With the support of his loving wife, he made the decision to move back to his hometown, wanting to be closer to his family and pursue a new career path that ignited his passion, unlike his previous job.

Transitioning to a new career was challenging, but Jacob decided to bring some joy into his life by getting a four-legged companion, an Australian Shepherd named Tucker. Through caring for and bonding with Tucker, he rediscovered the happiness that animals had brought to his life in his earlier years.

Inspired by renowned dog trainers he saw on TV, Jacob began searching for dog training career opportunities. After interviewing at several dog training companies, he came across Anya Falcon. He and Tucker went through a thorough interview process with Anya, and she offered Jacob the opportunity to become her apprentice.

Jacob is determined to continue growing within the dog training world as a trainer with American Caniner. He has found his true passion and will work tirelessly to spread the joy that comes from building a solid and confident relationship with our beloved canine companions.

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Barbara Vermilye

Barb Vermilye

Canine Specialist

Barb began training dogs at the age of 8 when she chose her first Blue Tick Coonhound/Shepherd mix from a litter. She taught her new puppy basic commands and tricks simply for the joy of it. At a young age, Barb recognized the loving and respectful nature of dogs, realizing their potential for therapy. However, she also understood that without proper guidance, dogs could exhibit dominant behavior.

Throughout her life, Barb has been captivated by observing animals in nature and has spent countless hours watching them interact. This fascination led her to absorb facts and make mental notes on the differences between humans and animals, whether on farms, at zoos, or animal sanctuaries.

Over the years, Barb has owned Labs, German Shepherds, and currently raises two Rottweilers, Brutus and Ruby. She feels a special bond with each dog she trains, recognizing their unique personalities akin to humans. However, she acknowledges the distinct psychology of dogs and how communication with them differs significantly.

Barb’s passion is to assist people in cultivating harmonious relationships and enjoying life with their dogs. She was thrilled to join American Caniner, finding inspiration in the positive team of trainers who work cohesively and share a genuine concern for both their clients and canine companions.